Top 4 BEST Grill Covers in 2020

Top 4 BEST Grill Covers

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Outdoor BBQ grills are a heap of fun, but you must undertake a whole list of responsibilities to maintain that fun for as long as possible.

One of these responsibilities is covering your grill.

Covering your grill is crucial as it ensures the prevention of animals building nests in your grill, debris getting inside and ruining the grates or even the corrosion of your entire system. The latter 
will eventually happen with no grill cover, even if your grill is made of stainless steel or has a rust-proof coating.


How to Choose the Best Grill Cover


The single most critical aspect of choosing the grill cover that works for you is seeing if it fits. You must check the length, height, and depth before purchasing. More often than not, people will end up buying a cover that is the exact dimensions of their grill and then realize the companies measurements were slightly off, and it doesn’t cover the grill all the way to the ground. It is much better to buy a grill cover that’s longer than your actual grill so that it covers it all the way down.

It’s also vital to look at what protection each grill cover gives you; does it feature waterproof or weatherproof coating? Or is it just a stylistic piece of cloth that will rot out due to rain before the end of the week.

Weatherproof material is a great option, as it protects the grill during the offseason not only from rain but also snow and ice. You never know when the next hail storm or blizzard will hit! It is, however, essential to keep in mind that a 
waterproof material will do better in protecting against rain when compared to weatherproof, so keep in mind whether or not hail and snow will be problematic where you’re living before purchasing.

It’s a good idea to consider how easy it is to set up and use the cover as well. The best grill covers available on the market will almost always have built-in handles to help you place the cover on top of your grill and pull down on them once more to cover the appliance. I’ll elaborate on these later on.

Always remember that investing in a quality grill cover is 
still the most efficient and inexpensive way to extend the lifespan of your BBQ grill dramatically.


When designing grill covers, most manufacturers have a specific type of grill in mind. For example, a charcoal grill requires an entirely different shape of grill cover than a smoker or electric grill. Bearing this in mind, look for a grill cover shape that will fit the type of grill you own.


Most grill covers are either polyester, canvas, or vinyl, all of which have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

 is very durable and robust. A chemically-treated polyester cover will typically last much longer than one that isn’t. Polyester is also the lightest option.

 is about as durable as polyester and is a rough equivalent to a chemically-treated polyester if covered with polyurethane. Canvas does tend to be heavier than polyester, however.

covers are best in the waterproofing department, but this often comes at the expense of their durability. Choosing a high-quality model is essential if you’re going with a vinyl cover for its waterproofing prowesses.



Tie-downs. Some grill covers include tie-downs. It is vital to consider the inclusion or exclusion of these based on your circumstances – is your grill cover like to get blown away in windy conditions? If so, it is imperative to ensure whatever grill cover you buy will have tie-downs to prevent this from occurring.


Handles. Apart from all the benefits of these we mentioned earlier, handles are also handy when transporting your grill without having to take the cover off, or at the very least without having to feel around for the grill’s built-in handles. Keep in mind that the stitched handles can only be used for transportation if their design is as such. By this, I mean that thin, fabric handles that are there almost as decoration are not nearly robust enough to move around an entire grill. Handles will only ever be beneficial to you if they are of high quality.


Reinforced seams. By far, the most vulnerable parts of any grill cover are the seams. These are ultimately the breaking point of cheaper grills – and where the higher quality stuff stands out, much in thanks to reinforced seams, also known as double-stitched seams. These are highly beneficial in fighting the elements outdoors and hold up significantly longer than average, single-seam grill covers.


Pockets. Pockets are a convenient feature that allows you to store your extra tools, all while giving those tools the same protection your grill receives. These pockets are especially useful for those who do not have storage cabinets in their grills’ underside.

So, now that we’ve told you all that you need to know about grill covers, let’s get into our picks for the top 4 best grill covers.

1. VicTsing Gas Grill Cover

VicTsing Gas Grill Cover

They make the VicTsing Gas Grill Cover from a particular type of polyester called 600D, which essentially gives the fabric the ability to resist heavy abuse and remain untorn; the material is also quite thick and durable.

This cover comes in five size variants for all types of grills and is ideal for even the most unconventional grill types. T
he 600D polyester I mentioned earlier also provides this grill cover with an excellent level of resistance to UV, dust, weather, rain, and even tears, so it is ideal particularly for a grill that won’t have any sheltering outdoors. 

The VicTsing Gas Grill Cover also boasts reinforced seams and thick, robust handles. These double-seamed handles are beneficial for grills that need to move around often, as you needn’t take the cover off every time you want to transport your grill.

There are also straps on the sides of the cover that prevent heavy wind from blowing the cover off.

  • Durable and robust
  • Resistant to most weather artifacts
  • Dust resistant
  • Double-seaming
  • Straps to prevent wind blowing it off
  • Heavy-duty handles to transport it
  • Edges disintegrate with time
  • Color fades after continued use

Final Verdict

The VicTsing Gas Grill Cover boasts features such as double-seaming, straps to tie it down, transportation handles, and reasonably robust build quality. All of these features contribute in making up for the disintegration of edges as time progresses and the fading of color with use.



2. Weber 7107 Grill Cover

Weber 7107 Grill Cover

The Weber 7107 Grill Cover is the victor in this category for most large Weber gas grills. Weber designed this grill cover for the Genesis series of grills; however, it would also loosely fit larger Spirit grills. Also bundled with this grill cover is a storage bag to protect some of your grilling tools.

This grill cover is made of polyester, making it lightweight and highly durable, perfect for those battling harsh weather conditions outdoors.

As mentioned previously, this truly is the best grill cover for Weber Genesis grills, due to its perfect fit and specific design. It also comes with velcro straps on each side, enabling you to rest assured that your grill cover isn’t going anywhere during the offseason. These velcro straps also allow this grill cover to be reasonably versatile within the Weber family, as they will permit you to tighten or loosen the grip the cover has on your grill based on size.

  • All-weather resistant
  • Bundled with storage bag
  • Strong wind resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing fit for Weber Genesis
  • Only fits Weber grills
  • Color fades after a while

Final Verdict

The Weber 7107 Grill Cover provides you with useful features such as wind resistance, general weather resistance, lightweight design, which is highly beneficial for storage and a form-fitting design for Weber Genesis grills. All of these make it an excellent choice for buyers who own that series of grills. These features do well in making up for the fact that it only fits Weber Genesis grills, and is an excellent choice for anyone genuinely looking for the best grill cover for these specific grills.



3. Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

No matter your grill dimensions, one of the nine Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover will fit it nicely. Classic Accessories have done well in making this grill cover very durable when manufacturing it, ensuring you have a long-lasting product to serve you for years to come.

Plus, if you’re bored with all the solid black grill covers on the market, this may well be for you. It features a beautiful two-tone beige and brown colorway, which is exceptional to look at and fantastic at blending in with your outdoor environment.

The Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover also boasts air vents, ensuring no condensation builds up on your grill, and thus protecting it from corrosion. Bear in mind, the cover is laminated to be highly water-resistant. Still, as we all know, water usually finds some way to creep inside spaces, so this is an excellent precautionary measure.

This cover is fitted with handled and a zipped top pocket where you can quickly and easily store your tools. Along with these, the grill features attachment straps, which are very useful in preventing it from being blown away by wind and an elastic cord to ensure a snug fit for any grill within the size range.

  • Attractive design
  • Nine size variants
  • Straps for wind protection
  • Air vents to stop condensation
  • Side handles for transportation
  • Pocket for storing tools
  • All-weather resistant
  • Elastic cord for a snug fit
  • Cracks if under continuous sunlight
  • May even split due to cracks

Final Verdict

All in all, the Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover has many useful features. These include a plethora of size variants, all-weather resistance, a storage pocket, and several measures to protect against wind and prevent corrosion. All of these features and charms come bundled in a very attractive package from a design standpoint. Its cons do devalue it to an extent; I would recommend this for those who will keep their grill away from direct sunlight for optimum performance.



4. iCOVER Gas Grill cover

iCOVER Grill Cover

The iCOVER Gas Grill Cover is undebatably the best grill cover for those looking for the ultimate fade resistance. It is water and wind-resistant, which lets you rest assured that your grill stays protected in most common weather conditions.

The iCOVER Gas Grill Cover also has heavy-duty transportation tie-down straps, ensuring that it isn’t going anywhere, even in the harshest of wind conditions.

This grill cover is also very easy to clean; a wash-down with a hose will undoubtedly do the trick. Simply leave in position to dry for a while after washing. Once dry, you can fold and house it in the provided storage bag. While we’re on the subject, the storage bag is, like the cover itself, very durable and well made.

  • Fasteners to protect from wind
  • High build quality
  • Easy to Clean
  • Water Resistant
  • Wind Resistant
  • Only one size available
  • Wear & Tear is an issue after 1-2 yrs

Final Verdict

The iCOVER Gas Grill Cover is genuinely one of the best grill covers on the market. It provides you with highly utile features such as water and wind resistance of a high standard, a simple cleaning procedure, durable, heavy-duty build quality, and tie-downs to protect from wind further.




With grill covers being essential pieces of equipment for any BBQ lover, it is crucial to make sure you spend your money on the best product for you. It is my sincerest hope that with this list, you can go off on your own and make an informed decision about which grill cover is the best for you and your circumstances. It is key to find something that can protect your grill all year long, relevant to what area you’re living in, in terms of climate. Hopefully, with this guide, you can now finally decide which grill cover works best for you.

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